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Updates to Ordering and Fulfillment Processes

In order to improve the purchasing experience for our customers, in particular those outside the United States, we will transition back-end order processing and fulfillment to our parent company, National Instruments effective May 22, 2013. Once your product selections are made on the web site, your completed shopping cart will be forwarded to for checkout. [] and the Ettus Research employees will continue to be your primary resource for support, product information and sales quotes.

Advantages of these changes include:

  • You will be able to make your purchases in your local currency
  • National Instruments will handle customs and importation processes and expenses
  • The warranty period is extended to 1 year
  • RMAs and returns can be handled with local shipping

Prices in your local currency may be adjusted to pay for these benefits and cover duties, customs fees, and brokerage. All purchase order and credit card transactions for Ettus Research products will be handled by National Instruments after the May 22, 2013 transition date. If your company or organization needs to qualify National Instruments as a verified supplier or to establish vendor terms, please contact David Hamill to avoid any disruptions.

These changes will allow us to more effectively serve you and enable us to focus on designing and delivering new and innovative software radio products and systems. As always, we are here to support you so please feel free to contact us for further information.

It is our goal for payment and fulfillment to be as smooth as possible.


Forms of Payment

National Instruments accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards in many regions of the world. Local payment terms are available in many countries that include payment by purchase order with established Terms of Credit. All purchase orders should be addressed to the local National Instruments branch c/o (in care of) Ettus Research.

Purchasing in Local Currency

Invoicing in local currency is done in over 40 countries, where National Instruments has local operations. During the online checkout process or when you request a quote, you will be quoted in local currency if available. For questions during the ordering process visit or email If you are ready to make a purchase, you may find contact information for your local National Instruments office at

Purchasing Options in Select Countries

Selecting your country on will guide you through the shopping and purchasing experience specific to your region. Accurate selection ensures the correct currency and contact information is displayed. Contact information for authorized Ettus Research Distributors will be displayed for some countries.

Purchase Order Submission via Email, Fax, and Mail

Purchase orders should be addressed to National Instruments c/o Ettus Research.


Fax: (866) 807-9801


National Instruments

c/o Ettus Research

4600 Patrick Henry Drive

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Quotes and Invoices

All official quotes and invoices will be issued from National Instruments on behalf of Ettus Research. Payment should be remitted to your local National Instruments location, most often in the country of purchase.

Supplier Verification & Vendor Terms

If your company or organization needs to qualify National Instruments as a verified supplier, please contact David Hamill immediately to avoid any disruptions. Vendor terms established previously with Ettus Research will not transfer automatically.

Terms of Sale

All Ettus Research products will adhere to National Instruments terms and conditions including a 1 year warranty and 30 day return policy. The complete terms of sale from you region can be found at

Export Considerations

The Customer acknowledges that the Products licensed or sold hereunder are subject to the export control laws and regulations of the United States of America.

The Customer agrees that the Products will not be reexported, resold or transferred to:

  • (a) any country subject to export restrictions under the Export Administration Act of 1979 (EAR).
  • (b) any end user who has been denied participation in export transactions by any federal agency of the United States government.
  • (c) an end user who the Customer knows or has reason to believe will utilize the Products directly or indirectly in nuclear activities listed in the EAR 778.3(b)(1), (2) & (3), whether the items are specifically designed or modified for such activities.
  • (d) an end use destined for the design, development, production or use of missiles or missile projects, or activities related to nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

The Customer acknowledges that “Products” include technical data subject to the export and re-export restrictions of the EAR.


Local Fulfillment

Ettus Research takes advantage of National Instruments’ distribution network in over 40 countries. In most cases National Instruments acts as the importer of record coordinating the import and customs process and including duties, customs fees, and brokerage in the sales price. In many cases tax is also included on the invoice at the time of sale.

Methods of Shipment

The shipping method for an order varies depending up the country the order is shipping to and the warehouse from which the order is being processed. When an order is placed, you may have the option of selecting a shipping method. However, in some regions, only one shipping option exists. If you have a question about the method of shipment utilized for an order, please contact

Track Order Status

Track the status of your order from Order status includes the order packing slip contents, status of payment, estimated ship date, and shipment tracking number.


Hassle Free Warranty

Ettus Research and National Instruments has a strong commitment to quality. All products undergo testing and inspection before leaving the factory. National Instruments warrants its hardware products for a period of one year from the original shipment date. Contact Ettus Research at with the product model number and serial number to generate an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request.

Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return or exchange any unused or defective merchandise within 30 days for a prompt refund less any applicable restocking fees. For more details please see the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Hardware Return for Repair Process

Contact Ettus Research at with the product model number and serial number to generate an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request. Hardware purchased after the the May 22, 2013 will use the NI process for requesting repairs found at


All orders are placed using new part numbers in the format of 78xxxx-xx. The following table provides the part number mapping from previous part numbers to new part numbers.

UB100-KIT 782740-01 USRP B100 Kit
UB100A-BDL 782741-01 USRP B100 Kit + SBX Bundle (400-4400MHz)
UB100D-BDL 782742-01 USRP Instant SDR B100 Bundle – B100 + WBX Bundle (50-2200MHz) + LiveUSB
UE100-KIT 782744-01 USRP E100 Kit (USRP E100, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, USB Cable, Power) Ettus Research
UE110-KIT 782745-01 USRP E110 Kit (USRP E110, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, USB Cable, Power) Ettus Research
UN200-KIT 782746-01 USRP N200 Kit (USRP N200, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, Ethernet Cable, Power) Ettus Research
UN210-KIT 782747-01 USRP N210 Kit (USPR N200, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, Ethernet Cable, Power) Ettus Research
USRP PKG 782748-01 USRP1 Kit (USRP1 Motherboard, Chassis, USB Cable, Power, Screw Kit, Fan) Ettus Research
QR-210 782749-01 QR210 Quad Receiver Kit
BasicRX 782750-01 BasicRX USRP Daughterboard (1 – 250 MHz)
BasicTX 782751-01 BasicTX USRP Daughterboard (1 – 250 MHz)
LFRX 782752-01 LFRX USRP Daughterboard (DC – 30 MHz)
LFTX 782753-01 LFTX USRP Daughterboard (DC – 30 MHz)
TVRX2 782754-01 TVRX2 USRP Daughterboard (50 – 860 MHz)
RFX1800 782755-01 RFX1800 USRP Daughterboard (1.5 – 2.1 GHz)
RFX2400 782756-01 RFX2400 USRP Daughterboard (2.3 – 2.9GHz)
RFX900 782757-01 RFX900 USRP Daughterboard (750 – 1050 MHz)
DBSRX2 782758-01 DBSRX2 USRP Daughterboard (800 MHz to 2.3 GHz)
WBX 782759-01 WBX USRP Daughterboard (50 MHz – 2.2 GHz) with 2 MCX Bulkhead RF Cables
SBX 782761-01 SBX USRP Daughterboard (400 MHz – 4.4 GHz)
XCVR2450 782762-01 XCVR2450 USRP Daughterboard (2.4-2.5GHz, 4.9-5.9GHz) Dual Band
XCVR2450-U1 782977-01 XCVR2450 USRP1 Daughterboard (2.4-2.5GHz, 4.9-5.9GHz) Dual Band
ETH-CBL 782763-01 Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, 3M
MIMO-CBL 783076-01 Cable Assembly, USRP MIMO Data and Sync Cable, 0.5M
USB-ADP 782765-01 Cable Assembly, USB A to Mini Adapter Cable, 0.1M
USB-CBL 782766-01 Cable Assembly, USB A to B Adapter Cable, 1.8M
MCX-Bulkhead 782767-01 Cable Assembly, MCX-M to SMA-F Bulkhead, 0.2M
BNC-ADP 782768-01 Adapter, SMA-F to BNC-M
SMA-Bulkhead 782769-01 Cable Assembly, SMA-M to SMA-F Bulkhead, 0.2M
SMA-SMA 782770-01 Cable Assembly, SMA to SMA, 0.5M
VERT2450 783075-01 VERT2450 Vertical Antenna (2.4-2.5 and 4.9-5.9 GHz) Dualband
VERT400 783074-01 VERT400 Vertical Antenna (144 MHz, 400 MHz, 1200 MHz) Triband
VERT900 782773-01 VERT900 Vertical Antenna (824-960 MHz, 1710-1990 MHz) Dualband
LP0410 782774-01 LP0410 Log Periodic PCB Antenna (400 MHz to 1 GHz) Wideband
LP0965 782775-01 LP0965 Log Periodic PCB Antenna (900 MHz to 2.6 GHz)
SD-4GBMSD 782777-01 USRP E100/110 MicroSD Card, 4GB
U2-RackMount 782778-01 USRP Rack Mount Kit (Combine 4 Devices into 3U, 19″ Rack) (Not for USRP1)
GPSDO-KIT 782779-01 USRP GPS-Disciplined Oscillator Kit
LIVEUSB 782780-01 LiveUSB – Bootable USB Memory Drive
LPBK-KIT 782781-01 SMA Cable and 30dB Attenuator Loop Back Kit
PowerSupply 782782-01 Desktop DC Power Supply, (6V DC, 3A), USRP